First 10 supports schools and communities working to improve teaching, learning, and care throughout the first decade of children’s lives. In particular, we support First 10 Schools and Communities, initiatives that bring together school districts, elementary schools, and early childhood programs to improve education and care for young children and their families. Motivated by a commitment to educational equity, they work to improve teaching and learning, deepen partnerships with families, and provide comprehensive services for children and their families.

First 10 is a project of Educational Development Center (EDC) and is led by David Jacobson. We provide technical assistance to communities, school districts, and state departments of education and health and conduct applied research. Services include:

  • Assessing assets and needs
  • Strategic planning
  • Partnership design and facilitation
  • Formative implementation research and documentation

Through our blog (first10.org) and related research, we track, profile, and analyze First 10 initiatives with the aim of promoting learning, exchange, and knowledge-building across communities.